If you’re looking to get started with a new idea in IoT, check out these platforms


  1. Apa itu…

Managing GCP through CLI

G-cloud CLI

Before Starting:

  1. Create one google cloud Platform Project.
  2. Cloud SDK requires Python. Supported versions are 3.5 to 3.7, and 2.7.9 or higher. To check the Python version installed on your system:
python -V

Working on technical problems becomes SRE

AWS Cloud Essentials

Hallo Geeks, I hope you feeling good and enjoy your entire life.

  • Region
  • Availibility Zone (AZ)
  • AWS Services: Compute, Storage, Networking, Security
  • License and Guarantee program
  • How to pay for aws service
  • AWS Free Services
  • Learn with AWS
  • Learning Path from AWS
  • Certification and training

Traditional and Modern Software Phases

  • Introduction with Barry Bohem
  • Traditional software phases
  • Agile Process
  • Choosing a Software Process Model
  • Classic Mistakes at: people, process, product, technology

Forking or Branching

  • What is Pull-Request (PR)?
  • Different way of making the pull requests in Bitbucket Repository
Bitbucket from Atlassian

What is Pull Request (PR)?

Introduction and Hands on

Terraform by Hashicorp
  • Infrastructure As Code
  • What Problem Does IaC Solve?
  • what is Terraform?
  • What is EC2?
  • What is EBS?
  • How to create EC2 Instance using Terraform

Why is it so hard to build good software?

  • what are the Discipline of Sofware Engineering (SE)?
  • Why is it so hard to build good software?
  • how can we do it?

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